Thursday, April 08, 2010

Trying to keep up.

(I think Anthony looks just like his daddy in this picture!)

The more I try to keep up with things, the more I try to please everyone...the more it seems God is pulling on the reins telling me to SLOOoooooowww down.

A few weeks ago I decided to school Anthony at home. I can't say that was an easy decision. In fact it was really difficult. I prayed. And prayed and prayed some more. Ultimately I felt that it was the right decision. Since he's been home...he is such a nicer person! His school work gets done with out having to threaten him with taking things away. It's been great. The atmosphere is much more peaceful in our home. Later this month he takes the annual school tests that are required for records. I have no doubt he'll do great, and whatever areas he might have trouble in we can work on. His school work takes a few hours to complete in the morning. We're nearly always done before noon, and then we have activities that we've been going to in the afternoon. Cub Scouts, Ice Skating, (public skating as well one day a week for home schooled children), some field trips, are just a few things we've been doing. No matter what, we're always busy. I don't think there was one day last week that we weren't doing something. How crazy is it that I have to schedule a day off for us all!?

I got the wind sufficiently taken out of my sails when I got sick with strep at the end of February. I thought that was bad. Boy did that take the life out of me. I admit that it was good then that I got the strep because it helped us discover that I needed to have my thyroid treated. In actuality it's hard to care for yourself when you're always caring for everyone else, don't ya know?
Now the strep has re-occurred. We skipped everything so far this week except for doctors appointments. And it wasn't because I didn't want to get us to those things! I just couldn't see driving for an hour with a fever, to go hang out in 30 degree skating rink for two hours with a squealing baby (pretty sure he's starting to teeth). As much as I hate being sick, I've actually enjoyed the time down.

It helps, too, that this week is supposed to be Spring Break anyway. So I don't technically have to be doing anything except the necessary things. That seems sort of funny because all the necessary things, like laundry and dishes, seem to get put off for all the other things we get involved in. Who knew life would get so crazy? :) I'm pretty sure God was observing my exhausted face, knowing I needed to take a break, and ever so generously allowed me to get sick so that I would HAVE to sit still for a few days. In the end, I think I should be grateful for being sick. Though it's no fun to have sick babies. But maybe they needed the down time as well.

Today I'm taking the time to reevaluate our schedule and put some more "free" time in there so that we can get some things done around the house. We function ok, but it would be good to take the time to get the necessary things done each week rather than having to try to squeeze them in between all the scheduled activities. Have I ever mentioned that I hate being bored, and hardly ever am?

Cheers to you! And a Happy Easter Tide. Christ is Risen! He is truly Risen!

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