Wednesday, December 02, 2009

We have baby!

Yay! So happy! Best early Christmas present ever!

Matthew Joseph was born at 11:16am yesterday. He weighed 7lbs 10 ozs, and he's 20 3/4 inches long. It went fast! Since we decided to induce (at 41 weeks and a day I was ready!) I spoiled myself with an epidural. It had me feeling so grateful for the knowledge of what childbirth without one was like. Funny huh? Even though I wasn't feeling pain I could still feel everything that was going on. Once things got going they went fast! He descended pretty quickly and once I was checked to be fully dilated even though I wasn't pushing he was coming! I tried my hardest not to sound desperate, but proclaimed he was coming and they better get the doctor quick. And then I did a lot of deep breathing so I wouldn't just naturally push:)

It was all great.

The only scare I had was when they gave me antibiotics for Strep B early in labor and I had an allergic reaction. I started coughing and couldn't figure out why. And then I started to itch. And then I started to itch REALLY BAD. I broke out between my fingers and on my palms, and started to have trouble breathing. I freaked out. Panic attack in full effect. It took less than five minutes from when they started the meds. Crazy scary. The nurse ran out to get the doctor and a bunch of people showed up and I got a nice big dose of Benydril. I hope to never repeat that experience.

If people hadn't been coming and going all night checking on us I would have gotten a pretty decent nights sleep:) Yes, I know how to nurse and change a diaper! All is well. Tomorrow I think we get to go home, which is good because I'm ready to get back into some routines. I'll share some more soon. For now I'm going to go back to staring at the cute little face that is watching me from the crib:)


The Mavys said...

Yay!!!! He looks like you, Celeste. I know it's ridiculous to claim to know who a newborn looks like, but I see you in that face. I'm so happy it went so well! Hugs

The Mavys said...

PS Good tax planning. Ben wishes I had done so well. (We have two Jan. babies).

Susan said...

congratulations! What a beautiful baby.