Monday, November 02, 2009

Feeling empowered.

I picked up some cd's called HypBirth for practicing hypnosis for labor and delivery. It's amazing what a little relaxation will do for you. Since listening to them I feel much more at peace, and with every contraction that happens even now, they are almost painless because I am cooperating with them rather than fighting "this thing that is happening to me".

The author has made some good points about labor. From the time we are little girls we hear horror stories about how labor and delivery is painful and horrible, and the only good thing about it is when it's over. We sort of get hypnotized into believing this and then live it out through our own experience. It's very true. With Anthony, not only was I afraid not knowing what to expect, but I had this vision in my head of how horrible it was going to be and things sort of played themselves out from there. Being induced with him didn't help either. Being induced made me feel even more out of control and like this thing was "happening" to me rather than me being cooperative in the process.

The fact that I feel like my pregnancies and births have become a learning experience, and a process of maturity...well it makes me feel more empowered. I know it sounds silly:) I'm very proud of me for the things I've gone through and learned from.

This little one is going to be one more wonderful learning experience.
Isn't it interesting how not only are we called to teach our kids, but we're called to learn from them as well. I think with each one, I've discovered something new about myself that I didn't know was in me before.

Anyway, I'm off to get ready for my check-up and ultra-sound. Can't wait to see the little one:)

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The Mavys said...

Birth is amazing. Our last three births have been the most spiritual experiences Ben and I have had together. It's really sad that we've lost the sacredness of birth as a society. I hate the way it's treated like a life-threatening illness that is sure to go tragically wrong without endless botherment by men with gloves and masks.
I totally agree that it makes you grow up and gain confidence. After all, if you can do that, you can do anything! I still feel a flush of pride and euphoria whenever I think of my kids' births. The first one was awful, but it was still my accomplishment.
I envy you another birth if not the pregnancy that goes with it:)