Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friday. Thank goodness.

Whew! I'm tired. All this getting up early makes me just want to lay in bed the rest of the day.

Thankfully we did Trick or Trunk at church on Sunday, and Anthony has another party thing going on at school today, so I've gotten out of having to haul the kids around trick or treating. Not that I'm a big fan of it anyway. I'm all for dressing up and having fun, but I'd much rather do it for said party at church than just wandering around neighborhoods I don't know. I'm not up for wandering around anyway. You'd have to roll me around, I'm hurting too much now!

Honestly I'm not feeling so hateful towards being pregnant as I did the last two pregnancies. Right about now I'd be cursing silently and wishing for the end. Instead I'm just feeling grateful for a semi-uneventful and safe and healthy pregnancy thus far. I'm ready to hold this little person and be able to thank God for a safe delivery. I'm just so grateful. As much as I complain that I'm tired, I really am thankful to be here! I'm looking forward to Monday when I have my next check-up and ultrasound. This time their just going to check his growth and position. He's very obviously head down with all the kicks I get to my ribs. I was still only dilated a little bit and effaced 30%, but "his head is RIGHT there", and he likes to let me know it too. He puts on foot on my ribs and pushes his head down. Makes me feel like I'm dying, but hey at least I know he's ready and in position!

Kevin left on Wednesday with stern warnings not to have the baby while he's gone. Not that I want to steal that from him, but I wouldn't mind too much. (I think for him this time a big part of it is that he doesn't want me to be alone.) I tend to stress a lot and hold back about things in general when I see him standing by with a very pained/concerned expression and not knowing what to do or how to help. So I guess in a sense I'd like to save him the uncomfortableness of it all. And me too. I've been practicing some self-hypnosis techniques for labor, like I did with Annie, hoping that things will just go easily. I know it sounds sort of psycho-babbly to talk about hypnosis, but the images and relaxation stuff really helped a lot. I'd love for things to go that way again, but we all know how unpredictable it is.

With Kevin gone for a while I feel like I should get something productive done. I'm going to focus on our room and bathroom. I need to do a thorough cleaning before people start showing up at my house too. My mom is coming, and Kevin's mom is coming for Thanksgiving and possibly his brother as well he said. The least I could do is vacuum. And clean the main bathroom and put laundry away....I'd much rather just go and take another nap:)

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Anonymous said...

This mom knows how to clean! Go take a nap and it can wait till I get there.