Friday, September 04, 2009

Ever get thrown off?

I do. Mostly by people who treat others in a condescending manner. Not only does it make one feel like they aren't worthy of respect (if you have any sort of foot in the "reality" door enough to know when someone is being condescending towards you), but it's just plain rude. And painful to witness. Being condescending says a lot more about you, I think, than about the person your are being condescending towards. Perhaps they are uneducated, or curious, or trying to educate themselves. That still doesn't make it ok to treat someone disrespectfully.

Maybe I'm just naive...but when someone is condescending towards me, or someone close to me, it makes me forget all about what I was questioning or wondering about and think ,"Why are you so mean? Does it make you feel better to treat others like they're stupid for not knowing something?" I would never wish wrong upon someone, but I firmly believe that people who treat others in a condescending manner will get their come-up'ns in one way or another.

It makes me think back to when I was in school, and a big reason why I never asked questions. People treated me like I was stupid if I didn't know something already. How was I supposed to know if I didn't ask? But...I stopped asking because I got treated like I was stupid a lot. Now I just try not to take it personally when people treat me that way. And I'm figuring out that it's not necessarily true, this saying: There are no stupid questions, just stupid answers. If someone tells you the answer in a manner that is disrespectful of your dignity...well then I think it could be a stupid answer. Or maybe just a stupid person that you asked for an answer from.

That said...someone threw me off yesterday and it was still bothering me. Just in case you were curious what that rant was about:)

Now all that aside, aren't you glad it's Friday? I am!

It's been a long week. Getting Anthony up and out the door to meet the bus on time is tiring. 5:45 is the best time to for waking him, I'm finding, because otherwise having to deal with his crabbiness is just too much to make it out to meet the bus on time. I think we've found our groove though. I started on Monday to read to him from the Children's Bible, and when I have to stop to finish getting him ready for school he is truly disappointed. He asks for more. It's really a nice way to start the day, and it puts him in a better mood. We're reading the story of creation, and he's loving it. And asking tons of questions. It's gives him something to think about, and when he comes home from school he often has something tell me that occurred to him about what we read that morning. I'm liking it. Just not how early it has to happen.
I'm very tired. I feel like I'm living in a daze sometimes. It's been hard to get rest. This pregnancy has been the easiest so far, but it's not without uncomfortable times. Now that we're into the last trimester those uncomfortable times are...most of the time! The pain in my pelvis that I had with my second pregnancy has hit with a huge force. I finally discovered that it's not just in my head and other people have it too. And it has a name! Pubic Symphysis. (Sorry to any guys out there reading this...maybe TMI.) Basically a softening of the pelvic bones and muscles in prep for labor and delivery. Some women just have extreme cases of it. Unfortunately laying down, which you think would make it better, makes it a hundred times worse because it's like it atrophies and allows it to soften even more. I've read that sometimes it has to do with a breech baby, or the baby's head resting at an odd position over your pelvis. But in my It's just the way it is. Apparently physiotherapists can realign your pelvic plates to help with pain, but no one wants to work on a pregnant women so most women go untreated and standard treatment is "take two tylenol", a wheel chair, crutches to help with walking. My doctor just shrugged at me and said it's just part of pregnancy, and to get a girdle. Thanks! I could have told you that!

Last night when I turned over in bed my pelvis actually popped. Like when you pop your back. So painful. I almost cried.

I won't give up on some sort of help though. With the last pregnancy the pain lasted a good 6 or 8 months even after giving birth so I know it's not going away anytime soon. At least I know what to expect. I'm sure there is a solution out there somewhere...

I think I'll go make something. At least that will keep me distracted from it for a little bit:)


Anonymous said...

sympathy pains


The Mavys said...

I get the same thing with pregnancy! I'm completely crippled by the fourth month without regular chiropractic visits. People would actually laugh at me when I tried to walk. I looked like a walrus trying to walk on his fins. The chiropractic helped with the pain, but I still looked ridiculous! I'm so glad I'm not pregnant!!!! LOL!
I totally feel you, sister. Hang in there!