Friday, July 03, 2009

I'm here...just sitting about.

My belly is hurting quite a bit lately so I've been looking for lots of things I can do while sitting. Monday night Kevin I were in the ER because I was having really really painful cramping type things in my abdomen and I wanted to make sure everything was ok. They decided it was only ligament pain as all the test results came back ok, and the ultrasound was ok as well. Baby was moving away. Tuesday I have another ultrasound to check him out some more. The hospital said he measure a couple weeks smaller than my dates...I think all my kids measured small though. Anthony was only 6lbs 10 oz, and Annie was only 7lbs 2 oz. Not so big.

Get this...they told me to rest my pelvis. Right? Ok. It's all that belly dancing I've been doing. For sure.

So anyway...I've been trying to plan out some more of the yards garden areas on paper, while I sit around resting my pelvis. Everyday for about 10 minutes I go out and move some wood chips and lava rock around and pull up ancient garden fabric so I can plant pretty things. I think it would go faster if it were not so hot as well. It's ok. It'll happen a little at a time. I'd like to plant something near the back deck for shade. Perhaps build a pergola and put some climbing vines of some sort. Plan big, right? I have this idea of an English type garden in my head. Kevin keeps warning me not to dig up his grass. I think it's his therapy-- he spends hours on the weekend mowing. There's a LOT of grass out there. I don't mind the grass, but I do mind the 80's style "gardening". I'm trying to bring in some character, that's all! :)

The bedroom is still a work-in-progress. That gosh darned wallpaper is kicking my butt! We gave in and bought paint and primer though. The first wall I peeled has been primed and has it's first coat of a suede type paint. I. LOVE. IT. It sounds odd but it looks a lot like a concrete wall, with the slightly varying shades and texture. So neat. Can't wait to finish the whole room. Our only issues with this darn room is that it's so much smaller than the other houses master bedroom. The closet is miniscule. And we don't even have a dresser for Kevin. Mine barely fits. It's made me reassess our furniture issue. As in, we started out with none at the last house, and now we have too much for this house. Isn't that the way it goes though? I might have to sell my vanity/night stand and matching chair. I might also have to sell my desk that I've had forever, with a matching mirror. It's heart breaking, but we need the space more than we need the extra stuff.

La di da....Enjoy a sweet song while I do some embroidering.


Anonymous said...

That wouldn't be the vanity and chair with the hand stitched patchwork seat your mother made/gave you when you were in 6th grade in Davis at the green house would it? It should bring a tidy sum.

Celeste said...

The desk with the roses painted on the top drawer...Different vanity and chair. The wrought iron set with the marble top. And the matching chair I recovered in black velvet.