Friday, June 19, 2009

To the little old lady at church...

(almost 18 weeks)
Dear Little Old Lady,
Yes I am fat, thanks for pointing that out. But there is someone growing in there too. Thanks for pointing out my weight though.
Yours Truly,
The fatty with the two noisy kids and the pot belly
P.S. You didn't have to poke the pot belly to get your point across.


Anonymous said...

1. grrrrrrrrrr
Point her out!

2.Is that a farmers tan I see?

When I was 8 months w/my 4th a gal said,"My haven't we gained!" To which I responded "I'm 8 months pregnant, what's your excuse?"
She never made another comment. ,;j

Mere Bowen said...

Awwww. I wish we could have another lil one! I swear everyone around me is either pregnant or thiers are still little bitty! You look great! I started out underweight with cheyenne and by the time I was 4 months it looked like I shoved a basketball under my shirt. She was just very healthy(huge:)) and I'm sure he is too!! And you really do look so adorable with your baby belly:)

Susan said...

Are you serious? Could she not tell that's a baby? Some people, I tell you!