Thursday, June 18, 2009

The never ending meal issue.

You know there are tried and true things your kids will eat for dinner. You're just tired of eating, smelling, and looking at Mac N Cheese and chicken nuggets.

Anneliese is at this stage where she won't eat it if it resembles bread in any way. (Or anything resembling salad. So, anything green.) Unless, that is, it's homemade bread. You can't blame her, but sometimes I just wish she's eat a darn PB&J and be glad for it! I'm finding that if the food resembles Hamburger Helper in someway that both kids will eat it. I made homemade Beef Stroganoff with some things I had around the house and told them it was Hamburger Helper. They ate it. All of it.

I guess I've just been spoiled with good food. It really is a shame, since out here you can't find much of anything "special" at the store. I actually wrote Trader Joe's an email, begging them to open a store nearby. My mom has been kind enough to send me some of their jam that I was so craving. (By the way it's the Sugar Free Organic Apricot...and it's soooo good mixed into some fresh yogurt with granola.) I'm learning to make do. It's only food after all. It's just there to fill your tummy.

But still.
Every once in a while a good fresh salad, and some brie and crusty bread would just rock.

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