Saturday, May 09, 2009

Post #800 For Mothers Day.

Wow. I can sure think of a whole-lot-of-not-much to share with everyone! Well lets see if I can make this one memorable.

Lets start with the kids. They are always fun. And it wouldn't be Mother's Day without them.

Kevin got them each a new bike. Anthony had outgrown his old one, and Annie's got lost on the truck *wink wink*

(Have I mentioned I really like where we live? It's so pretty. It almost makes up for missing California.)

They were both thrilled. Anthony is zooming along. Annie hasn't quite got the hang of pushing the pedals forward but she'll get it soon.

Kevin is gone a lot. Like a lot, a lot. I know he's working, but ya know...I miss him. It's been a stressful time lately for me with him gone a lot, and Anthony's mouth issues, and the fact that I've been pretty ill for over a month now. I haven't mentioned it before now, but I figure Mother's Day is a nice day to share that we are expecting a baby. It's been hard to be excited sometimes for one because I've been sick, and secondly because we're both still a little....concerned...about the possibility of loss. The chances of something like that happening again are pretty slim. But it still lingers in your mind. The grief still lingers for me, but I'm trying to be at peace and trust God amidst everything. I take a day at a time. Seems silly, but I feel like as long as I am feeling ill, things are ok!

The pregnancy calculator I found online says that I'm almost 12 weeks. That's not quite accurate, but that's what the doctor will tell me as well. (I still haven't figured out why they go from the date of your last period. Very strange to me.) I go on Wednesday for a prenatal appointment. I'll update on how things go.

I feel like I need permission to look at baby things. Isn't that funny?
After we lost the baby, in a moment of needing to purge some bad stuff I got rid of things that would remind me of baby stuff. I got rid of all my maternity clothes, baby clothes. When we were cleaning out the house before we moved I sold the crib, baby gate and a couple of other things. Basically we'll be starting over from scratch. Should make for creative thrift shopping and sewing:)
I hear lots of crying outside. I better go!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommy people out there!


Susan said...

I love the pictures of where you live. It looks like a great place to raise a family!

Congrats, sweetie! I'll keep you and your family in my prayers that everything chugs along just fine.

Anonymous said...

You have a lovely neighborhood, how wonderful.