Monday, May 04, 2009

Now I can relax a little.

After finding out about Anthony's abscess, the dentist had us referred to a Pediatric dentist who quoted me $8000 for the work that would need to be done. I cried. Seriously. We said thanks and left with the name of another dentist who might help out. After numerous calls, and numerous times being told that there wasn't really anyone that could help us out much we finally found some help. It only took calling every dentist in town to find out that there is a dentist office in the Naval Hospital on base! Duh! Tricare Dental sends you on this wild goose hunt to find someone who might take our insurance. And if you can't find someone....."oh... well...if there isn't someone then you will be responsible for any fees incurred" is basically what the customer service person told me. What would have been helpful when I called would have been to tell me that there is a dentist on base that we could have called to begin with. "We don't charge anything, Ma'am", is what she kindly told me. Talk about tears of relief.

Wednesday we'll go in for his appointment and see where things can go from there. I just want him to feel better. He's got the chipmunk cheeks going on, and he's having trouble sleeping with the pain. Not too much longer with this hopefully.

Kevin is home for today and tomorrow, helping me out with things around the house. The furniture is all getting arranged so things can be unpacked and put away. He's got all the electronics running, (the essentials for my electronic addict:). The lawn has been mowed. Door knobs have been replaced. Book shelves have been built. TV stands have been put together and surround sound installed, (more essentials for the manly man). Yeah, things are going well. He'll be gone most of the week training with weapons. And then in about a week he'll be leaving town again. I think this next time is for some parachuting...(Correct me if I'm wrong dear!) Sounds all manly and dare-devilish. I'm not a big fan of heights, so I wish him good luck with all that!

I'm looking forward to being settled in so I can get some of my things out to work on. Like the doll I was working on before we moved from California. Annie also needs some summer type clothes, so I'll get out my sewing machine and go through my supply of fabric to see what I can throw together for her. The weather has been weird. It's sunny and hot and muggy one day. Then the next it's overcast, hot, muggy and raining. Then really windy. Sort of confusing. I'm used to it being cold when it's overcast so this weather will take some getting used to.
Must think of something to make for dinner....Toodle loo, till next time.

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