Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Schizophrenic weather.

Yesterday it rained. I took that as an opportunity to pack up my vases and china.

I walked in the blizzardly cold rain to school to pick up Anthony. We have one of those great big, striped, wind-proof umbrellas that don't turn inside out. They also don't keep your butt dry. We changed clothes when we got home. The kids snuggled up with blankets and broccoli soup and watched The Bee Movie.

I stood at the kitchen counter molding doll limbs and watching episodes of Heroes on hulu.com.

As the day wore on the weather got stranger and stranger, until dinner time. We thought we heard the garage door opening, but upon investigation that was not the case. The kids and I opened the front door to find the clouds pouring down hail. It covered the lawn and collected on the patio furniture. As fast as it started, it stopped. The kids went out and collected up handful, full of glee, and molded it into balls to throw at each other.

And then we woke up this morning to clear sunny skies...

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