Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kindergarten drama.

Week before last, Anthony handed me a girls phone number scribbled in huge numbers on a scrap of paper.

"She said I have to call her if I am her friend."

After a moment of trying not make some completely crazy expression, I stuck it in my pocket and then threw it away.

Today Anthony shared with me that another girl kissed him. *uncontrollable eye twitch*
"Well what did you do when she did that?", I asked him.
"I ran away..." he said.
"Good boy. Don't let anyone kiss you. Except mom or dad or your sister."
We walked a little ways and then he said, "But she just did it!"

I told him, "Well girls do dumb things sometimes. It's your face! Don't let anyone kiss it! You could get germs!"

Ack. I just told my son that girls have germs. I think I may have started something bad. This is just bad all around. Awkward! We've already talked about kissing being special and only for people we love. Once again....I need my manual.


Peter said...

ewwwww coooties heh heh heh

Susan said...

LOL He's a ladies man already. At least he isn't getting all freaky about it.