Wednesday, January 21, 2009

After school activities!

We looooooooove after school activities. Mostly because it gets really old, really quick when the kids say they are bored.

"So what did you do at school?" says I.

"We watched Barrack Obama become president....I'm bored, can I play a video game?" says Anthony.

Are you kidding me? I sneaked a peek inside their classroom today and saw that they also made pictures of the President. I never did that in Kindergarten.

Anyway. We found stuff to do!

We played dress up. I made the boys Ninja Turtle Masks. Haha.

The kids picked the lemons off my little lemon tree and we made homemade lemonade.
And we made necklaces and bracelets.

Overall, very productive and highly entertaining.
I'm tired!

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