Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Something new.

To the right you will see a cute picture of a kitchen.
This is a new feature! I'm adding a new blog page to my collection. It will cover what's going on in the kitchen. I'll post my weekly menus, and some recipes. There are also some links to blogs and websites that are all food related somehow.

I try to keep my menus cheap and yummy. It's challenging with two young picky eaters to do new things, but I give it a go and every so often I find a real keeper. For a few months now I've been printing out a menu sheet, and then I fill that out and keep it, along with past menus in a binder. I use it as reference to planning ahead as well as when I don't get a chance to go shopping and need some ideas for something to throw together last minute.

There are lots of wonderful resources out there for putting together cheap and healthy meals. I have blogs that I go to on a regular basis for my menu planning. Most of them will be in the blog roll on the Kitchen page for you to have a peek at. Just give me some time to get everything going. As time goes by more resources will be added, and more menus as well.


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