Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Small creature entertainment.

I suppose this could be like someone posting something about their cat. I'm not much of a cat person. But I do love my bunny, and she gives us a lot of entertainment. She does the darnedest things! First thing in the morning when you come downstairs she starts hopping around in her cage, clawing and gnawing at the bars for some attention. This morning she picked up her dish and started flinging bedding and bunny poo everywhere. The little brat! She can make a horrible mess if you don't pay her attention right away. It's quite adorable though.

And her little bunny fluff collar is so darn cute...But apparently it's a sign of being overweight. Hence the food dish rather than a feed container where she can eat all day long. Gotta regulate! Can't be having an overweight bunny!

On a side note...I posted up my menu for the week. Click the little kitchen icon to the right to check it out.

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