Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Potty-training woes!

I haven't yet figured out how to get Anneliese to do her business in the potty. She certainly knows how. She's done it numerous times. But when it comes down to actually going without a diaper on a consistent basis....Yeah, not happening.

Here's the scenario.

We talk about the potty. She gets excited. She gets to wear the big girl panties. She will tell me she has to go. We go to the bathroom. And nothing happens. She cries until I let her get off the potty. Then she screams/cries until I put a diaper on her. And then she does her business. IN THE DIAPER/PANTIES. And then she screams and cries at me, like I made her do it, like it's all my fault. Sometimes I'll just take her diaper off her to maybe give her a reason not to go. She'll just do it in her pants, or on the floor when I'm not looking and then come waddling in crying. She chooses the time in between the "every 15 minutes" to go and find a corner to pee in. Or poo.

She is sooooo terrible two-ish right now. We do lots of hissy tantrum throwing too. Sometimes, for no reason. Often, when she's tired. She will scream at that pitch that deafens you for a moment, and that then leaves your ears ringing. It makes me think back to when she was a teeny tiny baby and would just scream and scream at me like I was doing something terrible to her. But often there wasn't a reason, she'd just look straight at me and scream. Every so often, it's just so ridiculous I can't help laughing at her (when she isn't looking of course). Sometimes it's to save my own sanity.

Ah, how I love her. Despite it all!

I don't recall Anthony being this difficult. Maybe I've just forgotten though.

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