Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Today we celebrate her feast day. I found this unique picture and thought how nice it was. I love pictures of Jesus and Mary caring for children because they show how we are to come to Christ: as children going to their father. You'll recall in the bible that at the wedding feast at Cana, Mary sent the people to Jesus when they ran out of wine. Continuously she sends us to Jesus. And she spoke with such authority...."Go to Jesus, he will take care of it for you." It's comforting to think of her when I need something because I can take those words she spoke so long ago and use them now. When we need something, anything, remember her words and go to Jesus because he will take care of it for us. She was concerned for the people's well fare, for their happiness (wine at a wedding, come on!). So when she told them to go to Jesus, doesn't that mean he cares about our well fare and happiness to? Afterall he did provide for them! Nice, huh?

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Anonymous said...

It looks like a real baby photo shopped onto that card!