Monday, December 15, 2008

A cozy, cuddle-up day

The weather here in Southern California is usually a pretty steady thing. Since we've been down here, almost two years now, we've never experienced any real intense weather. It's usually between 50 and 60 during the winter and fall. Up until a few weeks ago it was actually about 80 for a few days. That was pretty crazy.

So when we woke up this morning to the splish-splash of rain I almost didn't know what to do. Do we have clothes to cover up with? Appropriate shoes? The wind and rain are so strong that when I walked outside to take Anthony to school we nearly got blown over. Kevin took the car to work, so we were on our own! Our neighbor saw me struggling to hold onto the umbrella and graciously offered to drive Anthony to school. It's pretty miserable outside! The wind even knocked down our satellite dish so we have no tv! (Woo hoo! I mean ....shucks...darn.)

After cleaning up the kitchen a bit, I started some beef stew in the slow cooker, and warmed up a nice cup of coffee. Me and Annie have been snuggled up together watching movies under a nice soft blanket. One of my favorite rainy-day movies is Little Women. I just love that movie. I love the costumes and the houses, and everything about it. It's so homey! (Everything has been homey with me lately, hasn't it?)

I really should be finishing up some of my own school work. And working on some of my projects; drawings, sewing, embroidery. But, I'm kind of enjoying sitting in a chair, staring idly out the window at the rain. It's peaceful. When everyone is home, from school and work, the house gets really noisy. Television, and phone calls and friends, and kids running in and out of the house make it hard for there to be quiet sometimes. I love the quiet. Things happen when it's quiet. Stories emerge, and conversations happen, and people learn to get along, or at least have to learn how to get along. Do you ever just have those days when you want to lock yourself in the bathroom for 5 minutes just for some quiet? I know moms do! And then you see those tiny fingers waving at you from under the door, and here the never surprising question, "Mamma, what are you doing in there?!!!!! Come out!"

The other night we had the tv turned off and instead of the bickering between the kids that I usually hear, I heard laughing and giggling. And then there was the "mommy pile", and a super duper great version of a back massage which included horsey-ride-like bouncing on my back and occasional rubs in my spine. I love when they ask you how it feels. "That's super! Now move a little to the left/right!"

I love being at home.

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sounds nice(sigh)