Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why hello!

Things have been busy around here. Wednesday Kevin goes back to work. Anthony has been in school for almost a month already. Whew. That's been exhausting. He's doing well, but it just seems silly sometimes because he goes from 8:15 to 11:35 and it hardly seems time to do much of anything except maybe clean and throw in some laundry. Ah, well.

Kevin and I discussed a bit when we are supposed to move and the educational benefits along the way. We're debating about getting some passes to national parks and making it a good learning experience cross country. We'll see. I mention this because I like the idea of driving around visiting history, rather than reading about it in books. I don't remember much of history from school aside from the fact that American's fought the English and eventually won. And that the North fought the South and someone won. And it somehow involved there not being any more slavery. Hehe. I need to get an edumacation.

Yesterday we went and got me some riding gear. Honestly I wasn't planning on doing it. I figured that in a few years, maybe, I'd get a scooter or something which would be good reason to get gear. But he was pretty animate about having me go for a ride with him. Honestly I was a bit freaked out! But he's very safe. I have followed him through traffic on the freeway and such. He's very safe. And I felt safe on the back with him. It was a bit like riding a horse. Just faster! Zoom zoom! I had fun. It was nice to be able to share that with him without kids screaming in my ear. (Which they seem to be doing more and more often lately. God love them, sometimes I just want to pinch their cheeks in frustration.)

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