Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What we've been doing.

Since we moved here without a washer and dryer (and other essential make-life-easier things) we decided to rent a pair. It really was much better than having to haul all that laundry to the laundromat. And in the end it saved us a bunch of money as well, because as some people might know doing laundry at a laundromat can be pretty expensive.

We decided that it wasn't practical to be spending our money on someone else's machines anymore. So we got these pretties the other day.

We figured we might as well get some of the best since we were going to go out and spend money on something we hope will last quite a few years. They have these fancy ones now that have a computer cable that runs between the two, that lets the drier know what the washer is done and transfers them over. And all the soap and softener go in bins in the bottom and the washer determines how much your clothes need. As fancy as that sounds...they were a little out of the price range we were hoping to keep within. They were fun to look at though. The ones we got are great though! They are so quiet! And fast! Yay! And we have this fancy Steam Clean cycle that I haven't quite figured out yet...but that's ok, I'll get there.

Moving along...

This was one tired boy! Shortly after getting home from school he decided to get comfy in dad's chair and take a nap. I was wondering if maybe he's coming down with a cold, (the same one Annie has right now), but he seems alright. Just tired.

He's doing great at school. Those prayers are really working. Kevin and I have been working with him on the things he seems to be having trouble with. Most of it, I think, is because he never really had an interest in sitting still and coloring or drawing. So we've been working on staying inside the lines when coloring and making straight lines for letters. He's getting there. And his teacher is giving good reports.

And this....

That is me attempting to organize my space. Yeah, right now it's not working out so great because I keep getting distracted by little fingers that want to investigate everything. It's a mess. But it has potential! (You do see the potential, don't you?! I know it's there somewhere.) I can't seem to get it all moved out of their room fast enough. It's sort of like they saw me actually moving things around and remembered that there is all this "good stuff" there and wanted to see what they could get into! Fun!

I'm trying to finish this embroidery work. It's taking FOR-E-V-E-R.
Slow and steady, I tell myself, wins the race. Or at least gets a few things done:)

Here, this is for you. You deserve a pretty rose.

Have a nice day.

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