Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm having technical difficulties.

This weekend I found some pretty stuff while I was out and about. While attempting to find a vintage dress I could wear to the USMC Ball, I ended up finding some other cute things. No one has any dresses! It's nuts. I'm going to have to look harder. Anyway... I was taking pictures and discovered my camera lens wouldn't stay on. Upon taking it off the camera base, I discovered parts hanging out inside the lens. Parts that didn't belong there. This is BAD. Did I forget to tell you that Annie dropped it on the floor? Yeah. I wanted to cry. I thought it was fine. And then...when I went to get pictures off of my memory card, I was able to get one...and the rest were deleted. Not just the ones I took. But all the ones of the kids I had taken prior to this weekend. *sigh*

And prior to that...

Some little people who had some friend persons over decided to spill drink on my keyboard. Sugar, new Mac Keyboard. Bad mix. And expensive too. It's dried out now, but some keys don't work. Ack. *more sighing*

At least it's not Kevin's computer.

Oh wait. Annie dropped his helmet and scraped up the visor. No win weekend.

Here look at the one picture I was able to save. That'll make you happy.
These little guys were $2. YES. $2!


Susan said...

Where did you find Hummels for $2?! Good grief, girl. You know how to find the bargains.

Celeste said...

I think the people at that store must have been totally clueless. Works for me!