Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wow, Wednesday already!

The week is flying by. It's a good thing too.

My sweet boy woke up this morning with a sniffles. Things have just sort of deteriorated from there. Melt downs and mischief. Ah, well. It keeps me on my toes. Time out, and what he has dubbed "punishment time" are becoming a common place thing, which he's finding out isn't so fun. But I'm glad for the lessons he is learning. He's coming away from these "times" with a little insight into good behavior and what is needed from him for everyone to get along. He's a very insightful person, when he can take the time he needs to really examine things. I hope he's feeling better tomorrow.

This guy on the other hand....Innocent you think?

Yeah, nice try huh? :) He's rediscovered his home-- the sofa with his PS3.

Me and Annie started the morning with a few rounds of "You Are My Sunshine!"

They're all my "sunshine". They all make me happy:) Even sniffly, grouchy boys!

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