Saturday, August 02, 2008

The time is almost here!

Time is flying by! We can almost count on one hand how long it is until Kevin is home. The true reality of it just hit me all of a sudden. "Wow! He's going to be home!"

I'm getting emails about their flights and times and all that good stuff. It's really exciting. Though times are bound to change, but that is ok. I'll wait all night if I need to:)

He's already planned what he wants to do when he gets home -- TAKE A REAL SHOWER. And then eat some real food. Apparently powdered eggs don't count. Sleep in a real bed, with sheets even. I would imagine wearing something other than cammies is somewhere on that list also.

I'm looking forward to having him home finally.

Well, thank the Lord, I'm feeling better than I was yesterday. My (non-existent) teeth ache, but thats to be expected. I have these annoying temporary crowns on them right now. Cold and heat go right through. Chewing isn't very comfy either. But at least I can tolerate it now. I'm mostly hurting where he kept having to give me injections. Anesthetic tends to wear off pretty quickly with me. So he kept having to numb me up. At one point he drilled a little too deep and I just about jumped out of the chair. I shouted and grabbed his arm, which I realized afterward wasn't a good idea considering grabbing him could have just forced it in even further. He was very kind and understanding though.

I love when I find a good doctor. He's a keeper.

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