Saturday, July 26, 2008

Now I'm counting down too!

It was inevitable that I start to count down the days to Kevin's homecoming. It's so so close already! I'm getting excited now, and the anxiety is heading away. It's a good thing.

With the help of a few people I have some big surprises for Kevin regarding his homecoming. He'll love it. It's always fun to plan stuff with that special someone not knowing what is going on. I just hope everything goes as planned. The plans are fairly loose so it shouldn't be a problem:)

Just excited!


Today I got my new sandals! I ordered them online a few days ago and I love love love them! I have had a few pair like these over the navy blue and red. I figured brown is fairly neutral and will go with just about anything I wear. They bring to mind simple life and summery days walking along (and in) the ocean.

It's good. *happy sigh*

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Susan said...

I'm so glad that his deployment is almost over. Nothing feels as good as having them back in your arms. Yay for the countdown!!!