Thursday, July 24, 2008

A day in the life...

So life as a mommy has been taking up lots of my time lately. I've been trying to get the house clean and organized for when Kevin gets home. It doesn't help that kids think that a clean space is for making a mess! Ah, well.

Both kids are looking for lots of things to keep them busy. Anthony is trying real hard to learn to ride his bike. We tried without the training wheels but it was "just too hard!"
But I got some good exercise without them! :)

My kids are learning to do chores. They either help me out with what I am doing, or have their own list of things to do. Recently I made a laminated Chore List for Anthony, where he checks off each thing he does. If a certain amount of chores are completed by weeks end there is some sort of reward.

I just recently ordered this Holy Water font from some Carmelite nuns. It's very sweet. And now the kids are excited about using Holy Water as they come and go from the house. I've been trying to come up with ways to integrate Sacramentals into daily life, so this a beginning.

I'm awaiting a crucifix for our prayer altar. In the mean time baby Jesus rests there at the foot of Mary. I'm finding that the kids have a special attachment to this little Baby Jesus. It's very interesting:) They have a special fondness for babies all around so perhaps that is it!
What we have on our altar table: two candles (they each have to have one to blow out!), Jesus and Mary, some flowers to honor them, my prayer calendars with daily reflections on praying for my husband and my children, the Beatitudes, my book of prayers for morning and and evening, and laminated pictures of the Hail Mary to teach the kids, (Anneliese now, since Anthony knows it).

And this is the newest member of our family. I posted a picture before, but I had some explaining to do to my husband about it:) (Note to ALL wives: consult husband before buying pet!) Her name is Penny. Penelope, but Penny for short and because her spots are the color of pennies.

She is almost nearly all potty-trained, which is great. I let her run around the kitchen with the baby gates to keep her in. She likes to sniff at toes and climbs on you like a puppy dog. It's quite cute. She even plays "can't catch me" with Anthony. Kevin says that we'll BBQ her when he gets home. Nice:)

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