Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just another day.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I haven't really done anything artistic or crafty lately. The flow of life has just taken over. Though I might have ten or twelve things in mind, actually getting something started, or done for that matter, seems like a lot of work. And lately I'm just exhausted.

Kevin keeps asking me what I'm so exhausted for and I can't really think of a satisfying answer for his question. The kids wake me at all hours. We're starting potty training, and in the same boat our night diapers have started leaking out that top which make for messy beds. And not just theirs. (Eww.) Changing sheets at 2 hours intervals during the night isn't fun. It takes energy. And somehow comforting a crying child is so much more exhausting than it is during daylight hours. It could have something to do with the fact that little brains are still sleepy despite wet jammies, and wet beds, and being washed down.

So that makes me tired.

I had a check up with my Endocrinologist last week and we adjusted my thyroid medicine, which I can pretty much assure you has messed everything up, including my sleep patterns. Now I'm sweating all the time as well, which he says is normal under the circumstances and will improve with time. Makes for sweaty nights. And days. I love getting out of the shower and sweating as I'm dressing. Your jeans get stuck half way up. My solution is to just give up and wear a robe around until I feel better!

The good thing is...despite being awakened all night, I fall asleep pretty quick to start. I love that part. I hate laying there awake forever observing that my ceiling fan needs to be cleaned.

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