Monday, July 28, 2008

Are you bored? Yeah me either.

There's too much to do and observe to be bored right now. Random stuff from our little home...

I always get a kick out of watching my kids as they entertain themselves. They just do funny stuff when they don't think anyone is looking.

And it's far more entertaining than watching them do this all day....

So guess what this was?

This time I can't blame it on a kid either. The other day I went outside to water my pretty little plants. And was delighted to find my kale growing beautifully. It had these big bushy leaves on it and it looked yummy. And then the next day I noticed a hole in a leaf. And then there were holes in all the leaves. And then...there were more green worms on the leaves than there were actual leaves on the plant. And now, well, I have lovely green stems. I guess nature was delighted that I was feeding it.

My eggplants are blooming. Also. I don't know if bugs like them...

Or beans. Do bugs like beans? I don't know, but I plan on picking them before they can be eaten away.

So with lots of cleaning and organizing to do, and only me to do it all...sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed. You stand in the middle of a mess and all you can think is "Oh my gosh, I don't even know where to start." And then you wander away (and find something more fun to do:).

I've become an organizing freak lately. It's helped tremendously though. Having something look at in the morning and say to myself, "Ok, that's what I am doing today. I don't have to mop the floor till tomorrow!"
It's been great , and I would be happy to share some of my resources if anyone is interested.

And I'll leave you today with a picture of my newest quirky addition to the home. It's so fun!

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