Friday, July 18, 2008

Around the house.

Just some things here and there. We've been hanging out at home a lot lately. I've been having trouble coming up with exciting things for us to do. The play group that we used to hang out with a lot last summer, they aren't doing much of anything fun this summer. Lots of things that cost money, and things that would be boring for my kids, like going to movies at the theater that they have already seen. That is pretty cool though that the theater plays free movies during the summer for kids. Wish mine would sit through them.

So...we've been hanging out finding things to do around the house. Playing board games, drawing pictures, playing with friends. Those are good things. It's exhausting when your kids can't find things to entertain themselves though:) I guess this is where that "teacher" part of being a parent comes in. Sometimes you even have to teach them how to play pretend.


So...never throw away your old bananas. They make great banana bread. The more mushy and ripe the better. I decided something new would be good though, so I made banana bread muffins with chocolate chips. Guess what the kids did?

You betcha! Ate the chocolate chips and the yummy top of the muffin and decided they were done. Aww, well it was worth a try.

Anthony got a hair cut yesterday and had a nice chat with his uncle. He's growing so fast. And so tall!

My mom planted this bird cage before she left. It's sprouting every which way now. Pretty neat!

My eggplant is finally sprouting some blossoms. Pretty exciting. Anneliese has done a great job of watering all the plants. It's her "job", and she does it quite well.
Have a good day everyone.

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