Saturday, June 28, 2008

He's counting down the days...

Does your guy/gal do that when deployment is coming to an end? Mine does. It sorta drives me bonkers.

Here's what goes through my head:
"I haven't finished all my 300 projects I was trying to get done!"
"The house needs a deep cleaning...That could take all the time between now and then."
"I've got to practice asking for help. 'Can you reach that shelf for me, dear? Could you dump the garbage for me dear? How 'bout potty training the youngin my dear?'"
"Don't forget to put new sheets on the bed. The kids sleep with me after all."
"I wonder if I could lose 20lbs in 5-6 weeks.....maybe if I starved myself. Too much work!"
"I haven't visited with people I was going to visit with. Maybe now is a good time for a BBQ."
"The car needs to be cleaned and vacuumed. Once every six months is ok, right?"
"I'll have to come up with some alternatives to Mac n' Cheese for dinner every night..." (Just kidding. We don't have it every night....Maybe once a week.)
"Wonder if he'll mind that I sleep with the tv on now. It keeps me company. Now I'll have an actual person. Weird."
"I should probably fold the clean laundry."

Funny, huh?

Happy news! Kevin got his reenlistment bonus and so we were able to pay off on our car loan. (And credit cards, and student loans, and other things as well!) YAY! Such a huge relief. That will free up some $$ when his pay goes back to normal. Won't be such a chore to squeeze those pennies again. We can finally call it "ours". That's such a nice thing. It really stinks that nowadays "things own us" instead of "us owning things". It's like freedom when you don't have those things hanging over your head, ya know?!


Susan said...

Wow, seems like he just left! That's great that he's in the final countdown! Woo hoo!!!

Cami* said...

my Question: HOW? How do you do all of this?
Ha... i am lucky to get the plants watered and the children fed and happy for a minute at a time... You are so brave, trying all these projects... Do they cost? 'cause i cannot afford to do half the projects i WANT TO!
i love you. And No need to lose that weight, You look like skinny girl already!
Best wishes on all the waiting and projects.
i'm moving again so Turbo packing has become a new phrase around here.