Monday, May 19, 2008

The world is so much brighter!

On a iMac that is! I'm so happy and so very thankful for the opportunity to be able to own one. Sadly our PC sort of bit the dust. It served well, and would deserve medals and an E for Effort. It put forth it's best. Here's to you PC!

On with life in Mac mode! Hahaha! It's so pretty, so lovely, so thin and quiet and everything is so beautiful. I love it. (Thank you SOOOOOO much honey!) I'm so undeserving of something so great. But I'll use it anyway and love it all the while. The only complaint I have is that I only wish Mac's were this great from the beginning. I remember tinkering with them as a kid. Not so great. How the world changes in a couple of decades. It's great. *happy sigh*

So I wanted to share this cute little project with you that I finished a few days ago. It's based on a Victorian game called "Pass the Button". It's very sweet. If only life were as simple as it was back then. Anyway, if you have small children who need a lesson and experience in Charity and how to carry it out, this is a good game to play with them.One person starts with the button. They hold onto the button and do something charitable/ kind/generous for someone, (brother, sister, mother, father). Then once they have done something kind they put the button under someone else's pillow and the game continues on with the person who has just received the button being the one to donate the good deed. You can choose however many times that a person has to do a good deed. It's based on trust, for one, because the point is to keep the good deed to yourself and to just give of yourself.

If your kids are anything like mine, they would swallow a button though. Or put it in an ear, or nose, or flush it down the toilet. (Or go fishing for it in the toilet.) So I made up this cute little pillow and put a couple of buttons on it. I thought it was sweet. Now I'm just trying to come up with a good story to share with Anthony so that he will get the point of the game. Knowing my child I will probably have to point out to him nice things he can do for someone else. Perhaps he'll pick it up over time.


Jen said...

Welcome to the world of Mac! Don't forget to go to your local Apple Store and sign up for One to One. $100 gets you a weekly, hour-long session with someone at the store for a whole year! Yep, 52 hours of one on one time for only $100. You can go over anything you'd like in that time. I learned SO much that way! Plus the people that work at Apple love being there and are super friendly and fun!


Susan said...

Cool about the Mac. I want one! That's also a very neat game. I wish more people taught their kids to think of others.