Thursday, May 08, 2008

Busy bees.

We've just been busy with living our life around here.

I've mostly been trying to keep the kids busy. And out of trouble. The first is easy. The second is if the first is achieved!

And I've been trying to sell stuff on ebay like crazy. Mostly neat stuff that I can't use. Or just don't want lying around anymore.

On with life! Happy day to everyone!


Susan said...

Nothing like staying busy to make time fly. Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

Anonymous said...

what is your ebay user id?

Celeste said...

thanks susan! same to you.

to my anonymous friend--
my ebay id is doodlelaltd. right now all i have listed are the vintage items you see in the picture on my blog. i've been trying to get pictures taken to add more things. it's all very time consuming with having to tend the kids as well. soon hopefully i'll have more up though!