Thursday, April 10, 2008


Sometimes we need to readjust our thought processes. (Sometimes I do more often than other perhaps, but we all know that!)

I had a follow up with my doctor on Monday to go over my blood work and see if there were some reasons for things. The news was less than encouraging. In fact, the more she talked the more I felt like shriveling up into a ball and munching on a big donut. Honesty, if I ate donuts it would probably explain some things even more. Probably. My cholesterol is nearly 300. (I could have a heart attack!) My thyroid is over producing, which SHOULD make me thin. But with the comfort eating that I did for a while...well it sort of did the opposite.

So needless to say I was a little bummed for a few days before I decided that nothing was going to get any better if I didn't change some things. Like how much I eat, when I eat, what I eat, and WHY I eat. (For example, just eat when you are hungry. It's a good rule of thumb. Don't stand with the fridge door open waiting for some food item to jump out and make you feel better.) And I started to exercise. (I don't think walking up and down the stairs to do laundry counted...) Today I walked 4 miles. (Yes, outside.) I'm exhausted. Perhaps that will help with my sleep deprivation. We can hope.

We're hoping a few months of exercise, weight loss, and lowfat foods will help the high blood pressure and high cholesterol. She hinted at med's if I can't get those under control. Unfortunately, I'll probably have to take something for my thyroid. Still waiting to hear back from the specialist about that. Yesterday they did a sonogram on my thyroid. Should get the results by Monday I'm thinking.

We also x-rayed my back while we were at it, just to make sure there is no arthritis or other injury to my spine. So for's hurry up and wait.

(And no comfort eating! :)


Susan said...

Hey hon, I'm taking the HHP course through GCNM. If you want, I can look holistic stuff up for you. In a way it would help you learn, too! Let me know!

Celeste said...

That would be great. I'm all for natural.