Thursday, April 03, 2008

I hope the fog clears.

You know how you get a bunch of different thoughts at once going in your head? Like you have a million things to share, or just to say? But you can't organize them so that they will make any sense?
That's how I'm feeling this morning. Not even my new mug filled with fresh coffee is helping it to clear. So this post might be nonsensical, full of random things and nothing important~!

Who ever came up with this idea of doing wallpaper as a head board is genius! Then you can randomly change the decor of your room, based on the paper that you like. You could have a different head board every week if you wanted!

Why does comfy have to look frumpy? Cute, but still sorta frumpy. I still want some.

I like the collar on this dress. Whatever happened to collars and femininity. I'll have a pair of those sandals while we're at it also.


Growing up, my mother had this typewriter in our house. Back then is was shiny and black.
The keys all mostly worked, and it was fun for playing store or making up pretend letters. I think at one point early on it might have even had an old ribbon in it.

Well, it's all rusted in place now. Years of sitting out doors in the yard, it's feeling it's age, I'm sure. I saw something very pretty in a magazine, just as I was getting ready to toss my beloved typewriter in the trash. An old typewriter, just like this packed with mulch and planted with beautiful succulents. Should we try it? What do you say?

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Dominique said...

Aww, the typewriter used to be amazing. It's sad to see it in that condition....

I actually got a dress w/that collar at H&M a few months back! Cute!