Saturday, March 01, 2008

Highly enjoyable.

Last night I left the kids with my brothers and I went to see Juno at the base theater.

What a great movie. So enjoyable. Lots to laugh at. Lots to relate to. It was just a fun movie. Yes, the story line is about a serious subject. However, what fun is life if you can't laugh at it? :)

I recommend it.


Deena said...

I also loved that movie! Yes, serious subject, but doesn't it make sense to talk to your kids without freaking out about things? I was guilty of that, wish I had seen that movie about 15 years ago. My 18 yr old and I saw it together, and I got way more out of it than she did. Maybe it takes a been-there-done-that to finally see the light.

Celeste said...

From having gone through the unexpected pregnancy experience...I've learned a lot! God-willing my kids will make some better decisions that I have, but if they do have such an experience I hope I can handle the situation in a such a fashion that they won't feel rejected because of it. Sorrowful, yes, but not rejected.