Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bedroom as sanctuary.

I read somewhere just recently that certain places in your home should remain sacred for specific things. The bedroom should remain the "mom and dad's sanctuary". Do people without kids know how hard that can be sometimes? Teddy bears, blankets, toys and extra diapers...these things always end up in there if I don't make a point of keeping things in their own place.
I've been making an effort at it though. And it was only until recently that a few things wandered into the bedroom. Magazines, a few clothing patterns...some embroidery floss.
It's nice to have the dresser clean of clutter, and the floor clear of dirty laundry and little socks. It's nice to wander into a bedroom and just be able to flop on the bed and enjoy the view of the pretty things you've collected. It's comforting and calming.

More of that please.

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