Monday, February 18, 2008

Some newness here and there.

The husband had flowers delivered for Valentines Day. Isn't that sweet? I got purty flowers!

My newest terrarium. Just in case you are wondering...I don't have a green thumb. When I pay attention to plants...say for instance water them...they die. It seems if I leave them alone they are ok. We'll see how long it takes me to kill this lovely thing:)

I got the kids this bunk bed thing and dresser yesterday off craigslist. It practically takes up the whole room.
It's good though because they needed bigger beds. And it was a steal for everything we got.

The husband emailed me this picture. Everybody in his shop...and Sgt Mj of The Marine Corps, I think is what he said. Pretty cool.
Miss him. It's been a whole month! We're doing good!

I got an itch to embroider....

Ok....why, you ask, would I buy a bust of a boys head? Well...because it looks just like Anthony, but older! I think it's adorable.

And since we can't have a real doggy...I'm collecting ones that won't shed or pee on the carpet.

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