Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On being the neighborhood mom.

A few kids came over around 4pm.

kid: Ma'am can I have a mayonnaise sandwich?

me: Didn't you eat lunch today?

kid: No.

me: Did you go to school today?

kid: Yes.

me: But you didn't eat lunch?....

kid: No.

me: Did you have breakfast this morning?

kid: Yeah. I had an egg mc'muffin.

me: But you didn't have lunch? Your mom didn't pack you a lunch or feed you when you got home?

kid: No. She makes me make my own food.

me: *thinking to myself there is something wrong with a mother who makes her own 5 year old make his own food... Learning to make ones food is one thing. But the kid comes over everyday hungry. *

"So... what kind of sandwich do you want?...Make sure you tell your mom to make you dinner when you go home. "


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