Friday, January 11, 2008

It's almost here.

Yes, Kevin's deployment is almost here. I can count the days on one hand. He was given a date and time and inventory of gear is being taken and more given out.

I'm still wondering how I'm going to deal with his leaving. It'll be ok, I'm sure. The feeling of abandonment is right there in my face. But I think I'm just a big emotional mess lately. Everything combined makes for interesting times.

They're supposed to leave in the middle of the night...and I want to go and stay with him until he has to get on the bus. Easier to manage not being pregnant and all but I'm just wondering how the kids will handle it all. Or do I just say screw it and pack them in the car anyway? They'll sleep if they're tired, right? *sigh* I dunno. I guess like everything else around here, it will be a last minute decision. It's only going to be 7 months. We've done two years, we can handle 7 months. Right? *nod*

Sunday we're having a bunch of people over for BBQ, sort of a last harrah before he heads out. It'll be bunch of guys from his old unit in Japan who are here now. It's funny how many of them are here now. The Marine Corps is so small...there are only so many places to send all these Special Forces guys I guess. It's nice having them around. Nice to get to know the people that he spent two years eating, sleeping, and working with. Having all these people around has done one thing for me-- I've been keeping up with the house work. For a while I was just kind saying "You don't like my mess, feel free to move it out of your way". But then they've been here so often I sorta started to feel bad and decided I better get my act together:) And when strangers start washing your dishes for you it is a sign that something needs to be done. Not that I mind the help, but you know what I mean.

Amidst all this deployment hulabaloo I've been trying to come up with plans to keep me busy and occupied besides the kids. We got me signed up for a distance course to study and get certified as a real estate appraiser. I'm actually really looking forward to being able to get started. My books should come soon. I'm also getting plans together to go up to NorCal to visit my mom and go see my grandma. She's getting up there in age, so it'll probably be one of the last times I get to see her. I'm also going to visit my good friend Robin and her family, while I'm up there. Really looking forward to that. We're just waiting on the tax return to get deposited and then I can drive up there. Should be within the next two to three weeks. And I'm going to get Anthony signed up for some extra curricular activities. For one, he's driving me nuts sitting in front of the computer or tv all day. And two, it'll be good for him to get out of the house and be around other kids and learn something in the process. And it'll give some structure to our lives. We could use some of that. A schedule of sorts. Annie is getting to where she will actually sit and listen to you read her a story, so we might do story times at the library and other things that are structured toward young kids.

It'll be good. Keep busy and then I won't have time to dwell on things miserable!

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Susan said...

Hold tight, hon. We can hold each other up. Deployments stink, for sure.