Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday BBQ

We had a houseful of people over to say goodbye to Kevin because he leaves this week.

I never considered that with having people over something might get broken. Duh. Accidents happen. Especially when alcohol are involved. know that lovely glass table that I picked up from a moving neighbor? Yeah. Split. Right down the middle. Drinking games and glass tabletops don't mix too well.

I wasn't even particularly upset. I was just more surprised to find it that way. There was a runner on it so you couldn't see it all the way. Just that there was a chunk out of the side. I think everyone else was more upset that I was. In fact I know they were. I was in the kitchen cleaning up the dishes and everyone was in the living room being rowdy and talking and I hear "CELESTE GET IN HERE!"

I ran! "WHAT NOW?!"

"Hey we're buying you a new table....pick one out! It can't be glass either." What?! They were all sitting around a laptop looking at table sets. Oh my gosh. They're reasoning was that they broke the table and so they were going to make up for it. And the uninvited drunk guest that did it. And the week or more that they stayed with us.

"" They weren't having no for an answer.

Sooooooo, yeah they bought me a new table and chairs. I honestly have no idea what it looks like because I told them that if they were going to pay for it they could pick it out.

In 14-17 days we'll find out what they bought. And they'll all be back to put it together for me.

Crazy people. This life is so much fun!


Susan said...

LOL Hey, you deserve to get a nice thing. Let them have their act of kindness. By letting them do it, you get a table, and they get to do God's work. Can't wait to see what you get.

Celeste said...

I can't wait either!

They really are great guys....:)