Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Suprised by the "big guy"

Early today I spoke with my dad. He knows Gary Heck, who was my boss at Korbel Vineyards two years ago when I was still working. He's a multimillionaire with more employees that I can recall. He travels here and there and everywhere and has lunch with the President when he is in DC(!!). So it surprised me when my dad said that he ran into him the other day at the grocery store and they got to talking about me. Huh?! Apparently I did a very good job while I was there working for him in the catering department, and ran the deli better than the previous chef of 10 years while they looked for a replacement chef. I actually ran the deli for a few months, until I quit because I was pregnant. On occasion I would also do lunch and small dinner type affairs for Gary and his Executives when help was needed or there wasn't a chef available at a certain time.

It surprised me that he remembered me. I was there almost two years and only really spoke to him when he spoke to me. (I was pretty intimidated by his "powerful" position. You know, he signed my check and all. And he had pictures in his dinning room with every famous person you can imagine.)

I told my dad that the next time he talks to him he can tell him that I really enjoyed my time working there and that if he ever buys a winery down here in SoCal I'd love to work for him again. Haha. He better provide childcare too! :)

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