Friday, October 26, 2007

We're back home!


We spent the night at my cous' house so we could escape some of the fire stuff going on up here. Something like 20,000 acres burned here on base. You could smell it. I woke up a few days ago panicked because I couldn't breath. And we were without power so I called for help! And wonderful people came to our rescue. (Thank you SO much Jen and Family!)

We are back home now though, with clear(er) skies and POWER! And my hubby was nice enough to clean the house and wash the carpet before he came and got us! Thank you dear:)

On our way we made a stop out at MCRD San Diego to visit Kevin's friend Frank who is getting out of the Marine Corps. His recruiter actually. Time flies!

Nothing much to share other than those things. Here's a couple pictures of the kiddies and cousins for your enjoyment:)

You can kind of tell from the orange glow to everything in the pictures that there was a smokey haze...

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Gellie said...

Hi Sis! I know it's been ages since we have seen each other. I just found out yesterday from Cami that you are expecting! CONGRATULATIONS! I talked to Gabe yesterday. It was great to catch up and hear his voice. I haven't seen him since my wedding in July 2000