Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Possible Evacuations on Base.

We just found out that there is a small fire here on base, and possible mandatory evacs for about 4 housing areas. None of them are near us, all on the other side of base.

A large portion of the base is wildlife preserve.....that is now burning. Mostly open area with dry brush. Evacs due to air quality.

President Bush is due to arrive in SoCal in the morning.

On a side note....we were advised to get renters insurance due to the number of power outages we've been having lately, (5 in the last two weeks, last night being the last one), causing us to lose a lot of food. Contacted 3 insurers yesterday. None of them would even quote us, not even for car insurance. So if you just got a car, and you need insurance, you're out of luck until the fires are contained.

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