Friday, October 19, 2007

Electricity. It's a great thing.

Over the last week or two we've been without power about 5 days. It's been really very inconvenient, to say the least. Not that the children spend hours upon hours watching tv or using electronics, but when it's not there, of course they want it. And it really stinks to have to make Mac n Cheese on the BBQ.

One of the days one of the local heathens somehow thought it would be cool to turn our breaker off. And of course I was clueless. So Kevin came home at the end of the day and switched it back on, making all well with the world once more. Unfortunately the stupid switch box is right on the outside of our house which is where the kids all want to play and cause trouble. It was only a matter of time, I suppose.

The upside to it all has been that I mopped the floor, got the laundry folded, cleaned up the garage some more, and shimmied in one of the new bookshelves and stocked it with our curly paged books.

I also worked a bit with my garden which is now blooming beautifully.

I'd also been struggling to get some religious education done with Anthony. The book that I ordered not too long ago is GREAT. For when he's older, I've learned. Little attention span, and he's still so very very young.
These books by the Maryknoll Sisters have been great though. Both kids love the stories. They are short and to the point, and they can relate to the situations. Now I just need to purchase the rest of the collection.

I also received my first check from Melaleuca!!!!
I did a happy dance. Granted 9 dollars isn't a whole lot, but that's the biggest real paycheck I've received in a long time. Kevin was very sweet. I said, "Look, honey, my first real paycheck!" And he said, "You're much more valuable than a paycheck. There isn't enough money to pay you for the job you do." Awww.


Once again enjoying morning cartoons.

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