Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dreams of Country-side life.

This morning I was laying in bed keeping my nausea company and thinking about our "home" here.

We're finally all settled in for the most part. It's a lovely feeling to have everything mostly in it's own place.

And then I thought about the neighborhood I drove through on the other side of base with big trees and big yards, and pretty streets, and dogs. And I found myself wanting that. Tree's, and a big yard, and a dog, and space between houses. Less people, more room. Mostly I was thinking about Anthony and all his "friends". The ones that tattle on him, treat him badly, make fun of him, break his toys, destroy my house if they are here for more than 5 seconds. And thinking how nice it would be to be able to send him in the back yard to play with the dog rather than telling him to avoid certain people.

We would now qualify for a larger home...but Kevin's deployment is quickly and silently sneaking up on us. Do I really want to move again? So soon? I know people in this neighborhood, who would be there if there was a major emergency. I don't want to have to reestablish that so quickly.

It's probably just that nesting thing, huh. I'll just work on making more out of what we have. I can do that.
First belly shot. So big already. What're you gonna do! :)

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