Saturday, October 13, 2007

Deep Breathes.

You know how it feels when someone scrapes their fingernails on a chalk board? Or makes Styrofoam squeak?

Everything is making me feel that way all the time. I keep telling myself I just need to chill out and take a break (hahahahahah...) so I can feel rejuvenated and deal with day to day stuff without wanting to lock myself in a closet and scream scream scream. My children constantly "MAMAAAAA-ing" me, the never ending dishes, messes, laundry, messes, dishes, crying potty accidents, tantrums, allergic reactions, bills, car issues (thank God are fixed), never ending costly mandatory attendance at stupid events at Kevin's work. Nothing new, you see. But I just want to yell at everyone/thing to leave me alone, give me a break, be QUIET. *breathing breathing* Woo.

I've come to the conclusion today that I need some sort of help. Not sure what exactly, but I have a Dr's appointment Monday, (that hopefully Kevin can get out of work for to help with the kids), at which I plan on discussing in great detail my urge to run out the door as soon as Kevin arrives home from work everyday and not come back until the children have passed out from tiredness, or crying, or whatever.

Here's some interesting science....did you know that it's 65% more likely for a woman to be depressed during pregnancy than after? Though postpartum depression is more talked about it's less common. However depression during pregnancy is less talked about, and more common, because women feel ashamed that they are depressed when it should be one of the happiest times in their life according to friends, family and the general public.

This is one of those times when I feel like I got an extra dose of the "crazy" genes from the family. I'm hoping to get a refund shortly so I can be my happy spastic self again.

Happy Day.


Jen Lang Mama 2 9 said...

Oh! It's Ok! I agree with the deep breathing and sometimes just watering the plants or walking around the block (with the kids, 'cause then they can work off some energy too). I am never a happy preggo woman. I've always said that if I could just throw the door open every few years and there was a baby lying there, I'd do just fine.

On a happy note, I added a link to your shop on my website. I hope that's ok!!!!! Let me know if you'd prefer it not be there. Check it out on the "Great Sites" page.

Lot's of prayer!!!!!!

Susan said...


Celeste said...

Thank you for letting me get it out! I was having one of "those" days!