Monday, October 15, 2007

10 things that make me happy today.

#1) Getting to wear a sweatshirt and snuggling up under a blanket to veg out.

#2) Being able to see the floor in my garage.

#3) Discovering Boney's grocery store where they have lots of yummy, healthy, inexpensive goodness.

#4) Discovering a new thrift store. (Even though it wasn't that great, it was REALLY CHEAP. $2 for a set of golf clubs. $17 for a 3 section sofa. 50 cents for a infant bouncer. They must be crazy. But that's ok!)

#5) Seeing the laundry room empty of clothing...clean and dirty!

#6) The car passing the smog test.

#7) The matching book shelves, desk, and night stand that the moving neighbors let us have.

#8) Meeting my new across-the-street neighbor and finding that she is really really nice, and not a twenty-something-teenager.

#9) Laughing when I recall Kevin making fun of the stripper-neighbor who invited us to a Halloween party at her house. I never should have told him! " wife hangs out with strippers." Ok, that doesn't really make me happy so much as it just gives me a good chuckle when I think about his reaction as she left after dropping off the invite.

#10) Finding a really good French Onion Soup recipe. It'll make a simple yummy dinner to fit in with my sweatshirt wearing, blanket snuggling, tv vegging day.

That sure beats whining about everything huh? :)
Hope you have a good week.

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