Saturday, September 22, 2007


Remember when we were kids and Saturday we'd get up (against our parents wishes, I'm sure) early to watch Saturday morning cartoons?

With so many channels on tv do kids still do that? Cartoons used to be a sort of "treat" after the mundane week. Hmm.

Well, I'm feeling slightly better. Or maybe it's just that I'm getting used to this state of being. Perhaps it's a combination of both. I'm not so nauseous, but it strikes without notice sometimes and then I'm running here and there to avoid it. Still real tired. But I'm getting by. I don't sleep so well, so I'm tired during the day. But I lay down when Anneliese naps, so at least I get some rest.

My new doctors office called 5 times to confirm my appointment on Monday. Maybe they didn't believe me when I said yes the first two times? Sort of funny. Thankfully I get to get all the not so nice "exams" over with in the first visit. It's striking me lately, though, how disturbing it is to walk into a strangers office, take off all your clothes and be "intruded" upon by someone you just met five minutes earlier. I was expressing my nervousness about it all to Kevin and he had this sort of disturbed look on his face. All he said was "Well, he better be gentle..." For some reason that struck me as hilarious, but I kept it to myself.

So lately everything has been so down and depressing and frustrating. I apologize for going on about everything. You're very good listeners though. I thank you for that.

And I have some good news to share since you've been such a wonderful audience. (Sorry, it's not about the car!)

Kevin is going to be getting promoted on October 1st to Sargent. Yay! Feel free to join in on the happy dance. I've been sort of surprised at how quickly he has been promoted, (not because I doubt his abilities!), because how slowly it seems others have progressed. One of his good friends is still a PFC. They've both been in the same amount of time. I feel it's not fair for the other guy. I'm proud of Kevin, and I'm happy for him that he will now have "a say so" in how things go for him. He's been feeling very much at the beckon call of everyone around him, and at the mercy of their whims. I'm sure it will change in different ways, but I'm glad he's feeling some relief.

He's still holding out to get moved to another unit. I hope this happens for him. They really like him where he is right now, and I feel that isn't going to change soon. Maybe he is making a difference where he is and maybe that is God's plan for now. Whatever happens, I pray for peace about it all.
Happy weekend to all.


Jen Lang Mama 2 9 said...

Congrats to Kevin.
Glad to hear you're starting to feel a little better. xoxoxo

Susan said...

Congrats! Gotta love the promotions. Don't feel bad for the other guys. They aren't doing something that would get them promoted. It's all on them, and your hubby is doing what it takes.