Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I couldn't think of a title. Seems like all my brain cells have been sucked from my head over the last month resulting in little productivity, and even less enthusiasm for anything that requires much effort. I feel really lazy, and keep getting reminded from everyone around me that it's not "lazy", it's survival. No one feels much like doing anything when they spend all day being sick. Oh yeah, I say to myself. It's ok to slow down a bit. It's been more than a bit though. I haven't been able to keep Anthony up to date on his school work, so I decided to withdraw him. (He's only 4! He doesn't HAVE to be in school until he's 6, after all. Maybe we'll just be later starters. I don't know yet.) No reason for his grades to suffer because of me. They still want to see his school work before we can withdraw him, so whatever they get is what they get. Samples of everything might not be included because after running for the bathroom, and coming back 15 minutes later a 4 year old, (or maybe it's just my 4 year old), has no interest in continuing. I was thinking about looking into the preschool on base, but it's on the OTHER side of base. We'd probably be better off going out into town. It would be closer. We'll see though because we're still having car problems, and have yet to hear back from Operation Homefront. There has been a reasonable amount of messages left for them regarding the whole thing, and we're just getting more angry than anything because they said they would definitely help, and we're still waiting three or four weeks later. The car is getting worse. I'm paranoid about getting stuck somewhere, so I'm almost to the point of just not driving it anywhere. I can't imagine trying to drive Kevin to work and Anthony to school every morning with it the way it is.

It makes me tired just thinking about it all.

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Susan said...

I'm praying for you, sweetie. Somehow it will all work out.