Sunday, August 26, 2007

Secrets are no good.

I'm the worst secret keeper. I'll have something stored away in my little mind, and it'll be eating away at me until I just can't stand it anymore and then it just comes falling out of my mouth at some inopportune time. It's most especially annoying when my husband says to keep something secret and then goes and tells everyone anyways because now he's excited. *playful evil eye in his direction* So I'm telling!
Baby is on the way! Woohoo! I'm excited! I took two tests because my husband is a goof.

Me: "I took a preg. test and it was positive." (The one on the right.Vague, but there.)
Him: "...You know what can cause that? *Taps my head* And you were REALLY sick last week..."
Me: *Rolling of eyes* I know something that causes it and it isn't in my head!

So I took the second test to make him happy and verify that the first one wasn't faulty.
I knew last Sunday, and it was killing me because we went to my cousin's house, and I was not feeling well, and they were smoking cigars, and I just couldn't stand the smell, and I couldn't tell anyone because I hadn't even told Kevin yet. Wow, that was hard not to spill the beans!
We're happy, and excited. And Anthony keeps telling me "I'm so excited for us to be having another baby!" Then he tells me about all the things he's going to do with his "brother". :) It's really cute.

So Happy Sunday! Now you know our secret!

I also forgot to share...that Kevin will be getting promoted really soon! Woo hoo! That is so exciting too. That will help everything.


Jen Lang said...

Oh!!!!!! Congrats!!!!! So sorry about the yucky smoke! I don't think I've EVER been able to keep "new baby" a secret for more than hours. You did good! But, the big question is; Will Kevin be gone? Is it still happening? I know that military doesn't change plans for birth (Clay's missed 4 of ours), but wondering. If so, I'M HERE! Love and congrats again!

Susan said...


Celeste said...

Thanks you guys!

As of right now, Kevin won't be here. I keep telling myself that I'll be fine because I did it before. And then I start tearing up. Love those emotional roller coasters. Anyway, he's trying really really hard to get changed to a different unit, but we know how they are about changes! They don't like them, and they rarely happen. Miracles can always happen though.

Jen Lang Mama 2 9 said...

Leaving another comment only because I noticed that it came up with my screen name for the blogspot. I THOUGHT I would rather move my blogging over here, but after setting up the account and doing only 1, decided I like using the Mac account. Sorry this is on your page, just wanted to use the screen name. :-)

Celeste said...

Wow, I just found your MySpace page too! I don't know how you do it! I go nuts just trying to keep up with my ONE page :) Maybe I have time management problems?!

Jen Lang Mama 2 9 said...

well, don't get too excited! I will continue to keep up the myspace because all my siblings are on there (and at least 1 of yours) and it's fun. The website is my obsession and I have so many ideas for it. However, this blogspot one, I will just keep because it's A LOT easier to leave you messages with it! :-) I am a bit of a micro-manager, but it's helped me get through. Hope it's a great day!