Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Monday.

You know what I like about doing laundry? All the interesting things you find in pockets.

Made this blouse the other day. Looks kinda hippie-ish on.
Yesterday it rained for about 2 hours. There were flash flood warnings close by. Anthony was just concerned with his toys being wet. Nevermind that they were already swimming in the pool.
We're pretty low on storage space around here, so I picked up this shelf unit at Goodwill for $5. Now I just need to strip it and repaint it. Maybe if I move it out in the garage people will stop putting stuff on it, and then I'll actually get to do that!

This was my little project yesterday. And I absolutely am in love with it. It's the beginning of a quilt. There are two other squares to it as well, but they are all different and very neat looking. I was determined to use up some of my scraps, and I'm actually really surprised at how it's coming out! It'll be up in my little shop page when it's done.
By the by...My other shop, with Etsy, has gotten lots and lots of views. But I haven't sold one thing so far. I'm sorry...I'm just not into advertising. And I can't compete with some of the ladies out there. And I'm not being down on myself, (ok maybe I am), but they are just AMAZING. And I don't have the time to do the great things they are doing. Everything I do is by the seat of my pants. Or in the 15 minutes before we all go to bed! And I'm tired now, with this little baby feeding off me. And I can only see that getting more intense. Ok, now I'm sounding whiney.

Have a good Monday everyone.

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